Monday, June 2, 2008

What was my weekend like?

Well. On Friday, my niece graduated from kindergarten. She and her class (all 17 of them) were so cute. They wore their Sunday's best and a graduation cap. They said the pledge,
sang a few songs, and collected their achievement awards.

On Saturday, I met author Sedonia Guillone for coffee. That was a lot of fun. We spoke of our upcoming projects and skimmed the topics of our current life situations. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Sunday was a blur of writing and watching television. The writing was fun. My story is developing nicely. I am working on the second book in my Pro Union series.

Today, I received the edits for my short story
Dessert Box that will be published by BookStrand, and a note that said Great Descriptive Writing! Woo Hoo. Anyway, I finally have a release date for Dessert Box of July 15.

How was your weekend?


Sedonia Guillone said...

Hi Anika - I enjoyed it too! Sedonia

Amarinda Jones said...

July 15! Excellent day and excellent praise for your writing.