Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MPA Degree/Diploma

I received my degree in the mail last week. I didn't even read it beyond the fact that my name seemed to be on it. Also, I'm not even sure if the college, any other information, or even the spelling of my name is correct on the document. So what did I do with it?
Stuff it in the folder provided to us at the graduation.

So the moral of the story:

Two and a half years of my life summed up in a piece of paper with my name on it; stuffed in a blue leather bound folder with FAU emblazoned on the cover; dropped off at my parents house for permanent storage.

Go Figure!


Amarinda Jones said...

Oh yeah...I know tha feeling. I have a very nicely framed Unviversity degree somewhere in the house...

barbara huffert said...

I have 2, both still in the faux leather folders provided by the university. I think I might be able to figure out which box they're buried in if I ever had to.