Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strange Happenings at Work

So today started out good and ended bad. But since the good parts made me laugh really hard, I will tell you about that.

This morning South Florida was very rainy and dreary and miserable. So my friend and I decided to go get some tea, so that we could get warmed up. We were passing the welcome desk when we noticed the person sitting there had a strange look on her face. A male customer had walked away from the desk prior to us stopping. So we thought maybe he said something offensive to her.

Little did we know.

Apparently, on the second floor of the library in the male restroom, a man stood buck naked, taking a bath in the sink. He was also using the hand dryer thingy to dry his clothes. Security was called, so we waited around to hear the outcome. I had to restrain my friend from entering the restroom, she wanted to see this so badly. After a few minutes, the security guard exited the restroom escorting a male customer.

Now the area in which the library is located has a huge homeless population, but I was sure it couldn't be one of them. Turns out it was a man in his office attire, needing to get dry. The situation was comical and kind of weird. But I laughed really hard regardless.

The library always has a lot of strange occurrences. Some funny, some gross, some downright disturbing. At least we were spared from the man stripping down inside the stands of the library (trust me it has happened before).

So that was my morning, how was yours?


Amarinda Jones said...

Well...there is no way I can top that. How interesting...peopel are funny aren't they?

Sedonia Guillone said...

lol! That was a funny story. And yes, I know that public libraries can be the scene of weird happenings. I used to go to Boston Public Library to do research and it was kind of discouraging at times. But if the naked guy in the bathroom today was good-looking then it wasn't a total loss!