Sunday, June 22, 2008

Accolades at Work

This past Tuesday, the project my boss and I had been working on for about a month was presented to the nine member commission. They were so impressed, commenting on the thoroughness of the information provided, the organization, the clearness and specificity. According to them, they have never received anything with this level of detail from any other section of the County.

We've had people from other departments, divisions and offices call to congratulate us on our work. The Director of our division was also very happy and is still telling us good job, even three days later. We were very pleased with ourselves, and still are. To see what we did click
here, the document is 44 pages and requires Adobe.

The problem with the project is that it will be used as tool to determine who will (the library positions) that will be eliminated. How does one feel good about that? At the end of the day, we will give up over hundred vacancies, and about fifty warm bodies. The worst part about that is the lowest earning staff are the ones who will be most affected.

Ain't life grand. So have you destroyed any lives this week?


Ashley Ladd said...

I don't know whether to give you hugs or congrats. Both in different ways. Sometimes work is tough.


Amarinda Jones said...

I look at it this way, someone had to do it. Clearly you were chosen because you are practical, rational and will get the job done. Yes, people will lose their jobs - that is unfortunate and life sucks that way but in the end it's not your fault and you destroyed no lives. Life just ain't fair sometimes.

barbara huffert said...

Oh wow that's a tough one. You should be proud of the work you did even though the purpose of it wasn't pleasant.