Sunday, June 29, 2008

Parents, Adult Children, and Divorce

There is something I have noticed on TV programs as well as from acquaintances that has bothered me. I can wholly understand a young child being scared of their parents getting a divorce. If they are dependent on both parents and have always had both parents living together, then that is what they have come to expect. But adult children freaking out when their parents think about divorcing. That I don't understand.

I wouldn't want my parents to stay together if they were unhappy and really don't want to be with each other anymore. The fact is that if they did have a divorce from each other, that doesn't mean a divorce from me.Life is so short, why would I want them to be unhappy for the rest of that short life?

They do no need to stay together for my peace of mind. I am responsible for ensuring my
own happiness, just as they are responsible for their own. Let parents live their lives for themselves and leave off all the unnecessary pressures.

Maybe I am way off base here. Or maybe I am making this issue overly simplistic. But would those adult children want to stay in a relationship that is bad for them. I would wager no. So what makes their parents' happiness any less important?

Your thoughts please
. Am I over simplifying this situation?

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Amarinda Jones said...

No, I competely agree with you. No adult should expect another adult to do something to make another happy if it's going to be a hardship for them. It's ridiculous and it's not healthy. I suspect adult that act like this are still selfish, spolit kids at heart.