Saturday, May 17, 2008


So after recovering from my whining and anxiety debacle on Wednesday, I shutdown my computer and went to bed, ready to face a new day.

Thursday morning arrives and everything is going well. I pack up my laptop and get my things, heading to the daily grind. At work, I boot up my office PC and set up my laptop, booting that up as well. No new mail, well that's strange, then I realize I'm not online.

Oh well, the office WiFi must be down. So I proceed through my day, doing my work without a care in the world. At around three in the afternoon, I check again, still not connected. Hmm, something must be terribly wrong and office IT are not aware of the problem.

So helpful person that I am, I promptly contacted them to make them aware that the WiFi isn't working. Lo and behold, the WiFi is working.

This is where the meltdown begins, proceed at your own risk.

My internal wireless card isn't working. smileys For a computer that is less than a year old.

So I try everything I know, but nothing is working. So I decided to get in touch with customer service, actually I contacted my brother, Kevin (I probably shouldn't refer to him as such :-). Try this, try that, he tells me. But it still doesn't work. Okay, call me when you get home and we will troubleshoot the problem until we fix it, he says.

Fine, I'm somewhat comfortable with the thought that this problem will be resolved by the end of the day. At home, I get Kevin on the phone again. But nothing we try works. So finally he tells me to plug the laptop directly into the adapter using the cable.


I can go online. I did all the updates, and searched for a fix for my wireless problem. Mind you, I'm standing in the kitchen where the adapter is situated to perform these tasks. After doing everything I'm supposed to do, the wireless starts working again. This is around 1:00am Friday morning.

Thank you Kevin everything works again.

So the process starts again. Go to bed. Go to work. Boot everything up. Whew! Everything still works. Until about midday Friday. The wireless can't find any networks . . . again. I feel myself beginning to well up. Frustration is setting in.


This time I text Kevin, I can't even bring myself to say the words. The damn thing stopped working again. His reply: then it must be really bad. By this time, I'm actually going into withdrawal. The shakes are starting. No Internet for about five hours.

Okay, so what are my options. Well, you can contact HP and they will want you to ship the laptop to them so they can fix the wireless card. Ha Ha Ha. That's going to work! I can't even go one day without Internet. How am going to be without my laptop for an indeterminate amount of time?


Your other option, he tells me, is to get a wireless USB adapter. It will be small, easy to carry, and get you online easily. Yes that, I want that option. Do that then. So Kevin buys me a USB adapter, and performs all the necessary steps to install it on my computer.

So now its Saturday evening, and I'm back online again. I still have most of my hair, and I'm n0t too too drunk . . .

YET . . . smileys



barbara huffert said...

Isn't it amazing how something that wasn't readily available until a few years ago is now so essential to your life? Do you loan out Kevin? Thought I'd check in advance just in case.

barbara huffert said...
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DeBoYeN said...

See first of all i have to comment on the CUSTOMER SERVICE Comment that my wonderful sister decide to put out there. I dont take offence to it as i used to do Tech support for various places and people so i dont take offence to it. I still love you Nicki :-). Now to you Barbara that would be up to my Accountant, Manager, sidekick Anika. If she sets up the time place and everything that MAYBE ill think about it :-).

All i have to say about the entire situation is that she was going crazy without the internet. Good thing i taught her well to troubleshoot problems on her own so i didnt get that much phone calls and also didnt have to as the dumb questions like "DID YOU RESTART?" casue if she calls me and didnt even do that then guess what she would be off my phone in a sec cause she knows better.

All in all she is back to normal ... if you call her normal but she is back to square one so i am happy for that.

Nicki Keep up the good work and the site is looking sexier nad sexier by the day.

Love ya sis. TTLY.

Anika Hamilton said...

BTW. DeboYen is my brother, Kevin. And Nicki is what my family call me.

And Barbara, imagine that two weeks ago the office didn't have wifi capability, and now I'm acting as if it is one of my arms. You are so right. Go figure.

Deboyen (Kevin), you have taught me well. ;-)

Amarinda Jones said...

I so know what you were going through...I hear your pain. I am pleased to know it's all fixed and no one lost an eye