Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Budget Cuts . . .

Today, Broward County BOCC had budget hearings which included the Libraries Division. Everyone is in a panic since
jobs are on the line, programs will be cut, and service hours will be reduced. The extent of the cuts has not been determined as yet but everyone knows its just a matter of time. And as melodramatic as this might sound: No job is safe.

I, however, have mixed feelings about the possible loss of employment. On one hand, I think it would do me some good since I hate my job. On the other hand, I would lose my primary source of income. The classic rock and hard place theory.

But regardless of what I feel or don't feel personally, my heart goes out to the thousands of employees who are constantly worrying about their jobs. At my office, some people's lives are defined by their jobs and as sad as that might be it is all they have.

Personally, I would be devastated if I was unable to write for the rest of my life. Half of the employees would feel devastated if they lost the job they loved. The other half would be devastated by the lose of their primary source of income.

So how do people sit on their high horse and make the decision to fire one person or another? The conversation probably goes something like this:

Yes, of course, Billy. You have done a fantastic job for the County. But I had to decide between keeping you and authorizing my next bonus. It was a tough
decision. But it all worked out for the best. You'll get unemployment, you'll be fine. And I'll be able to buy that new doodad that I wanted.

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Amarinda Jones said...

Having been through many of these in my life I know that most of them are just a lot of hoo-ha by peopel in suitd and when the dust clears no one loses their jobs - or they do a voluntary retrenchment. They only thing they succeed in doign is upsetting people