Thursday, May 8, 2008

People behaving badly . . .

I'm either sweet with a hint of deviltry or evil with a hint of sweetness.

I hate when people are mean to others. And I relish the payback when karma takes effect and their own actions are thrown back in their face because of their selfishness, stupidity, or meanness.

So here's what happened. Someone I know recently did something mean . . . very mean. The person publicly bashed a few colleagues. This wasn't an attempt at constructive criticism, this was just plain orneriness. But the meanness backfired and the person basically got slapped Big Time. Unfortunately for them, the action was potentially detrimental to the person's career and future in the chosen profession.

The backlash came from the boss, fellow colleagues, and customers alike. Although, I don't want anyone to lose out on their chosen profession, hating on others is just not called for.

So maybe I'm being mean because I think this person got their just deserts. But there is no excuse for that kind of meanness. And you basically get what you deserve when you do things like that.

So tell me what you think. Am I sweet with deviltry or evil with sweetness? Am I behaving badly? Aah, the dichotomy of Anika.


Amarinda Jones said...

Everyone knows that some people deserve their comeuppance - nothing wrong with smiling at karma's backhand to them

barbara huffert said...

As long as you don't perpetuate the situation out of pure nastiness then you're sweet with a touch of reality.