Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fridays have always been 'no cooking days' growing up . . .

But this past Friday made it perfectly clear that it is about time that the rule is amended.

We ordered some food from a popular pizza joint. My parents went to pick it up and I stayed home to watch over my grandfather. Anyway, when they finally arrived at the pizzeria, they saw a man walking out of the joint with a bag in his hand.

Unfortunately, the man wasn't going home with his order.

Oh, wouldn't it have been wonderful if that was the case. Instead the man, an employee of the pizza joint, had the bag wrapped around something that had been alive probably ten minutes prior.

You probably guessed it already, the pizza joint had a rat.

Appalled, my parents went in to talk to one of the people behind the counter. She wouldn't just leave without cancelling her order. So my mom asked after the item the male employee removed from the pizzeria and placed in the dumpster, and the young lady totally ignored her.

Instead, she took the order out of the pizza oven, and asked for payment. As if she expected my mom to take it. "I said, I am cancelling the order. I don't need it any more," my mom tried to tell the woman with the vacant look on her face. My mom walked out of the joint, leaving the the woman with the order in her hand and still demanding payment.

What a way to start off the weekend . . . How gross!


barbara huffert said...

Ew! Rats don't come in ones. Definitely time to change pizza places.

Amarinda Jones said...

and the thing is, having worked in restaurants, rats are not unusual. Good on your mum for refusing teh order