Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Worry . . .

Unfortunately, my family and I had to make a visit to the Halfway Tree Police Station in Kingston, Jamaica this past Monday (8/25/2008) to report an incident. Other than the actual reason for us being there, the visit was quite interesting.

First, the police officer taking our statements mentioned he had
something very important he wanted to discuss with us. He then spent three-quarters of our time with him asking of the merits of moving to the United States. We were kind of shocked with the questions, although since our experience visiting this time was less than stellar, we understood. How weird! I think he had already made up his mind but we gave him our opinions anyway.

Second, this was found on one of the walls in the office of the same police station. Click the image to enlarge and read, it is very funny, well if you have my kind of humor.

I intend to have a wonderful weekend, and you should all try and do the same. :-)

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Ashley Ladd said...

I take it you're from Jamaica? A lot of people at my day job are Jamaican. They love Jamaica, and they miss it, but they give me the impression it's just too dangerous to live over there any more, unfortunately. One missed it so much he moved back to Jamaica. Within six months, he returned to the US and his job with us.

Anika Hamilton said...

Yep, I am. Unfortunately what happened to your coworker is very common. It is very hard there and people are no longer as friendly (or happy) anymore. It is strange for me to see, especially since the culture was totally different when I was growing up.

Kelly Kirch said...

LOL!!! I love it and I love the name Halfway Tree. There's a story behind that somewhere.

Amarinda Jones said...

I like the bit about being in hell and shaking friends hands. I am looking forward to that.