Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yahoo! Groups

Since starting this process, I have been joining more and more chat groups to give myself some exposure, since I am a new author. And also to see what others are doing. Right now I am the proud member of 32 groups related to my writing and I feel alone in the crowd.

I was about to press the Join button again to participate in an organized chat, and I just couldn't do it. I am tired of going around to all these groups. How do people do this on a daily basis? Do authors really need to join all these groups?

I also find that for the most part I don't enjoy these chats. I do like doing the blogging and reading some of my favorite blogs (
Amarinda Jones, Lyn Taylor, Barbara Huffert). But trying to do the Yahoo! chats are draining. I find I forget that I'm even doing it because I'm writing or doing something else.

Yes, I know I'm antisocial. But who really cares. I have come to realize not everyone gets me, or even understands when I say things. It is much harder to express yourself in these chats, because people do not have enough time to get your quirkiness. Also, my genre is not interesting to a lot of people and I refuse to force it down anyone's throat. I also know some people might take exception to this blog entry, but as I tell my friends all the time. People will hate for the act of breathing. You really don't have to do anything to inspire hate in a person's heart. Sad but true.
Am I bashing Yahoo! Groups? Of course not. I think it can be a wonderful tool. I first became aware of it during the hurricane season some years ago. Our family from all over the world were freaked out because Florida was hit and they didn't know what was happening. Trying to call everyone was becoming too difficult so we created a group for our family. We were able to get information to everyone at the same time and that was how it was born.

So will I press the Join button? I don't really know. Only time will tell. But be aware, this button for this particular group has presented itself to me a number of times over the past couple of months and I have resisted the urge. Hopefully, I can hold out for the rest of the day. Cross your fingers, and wish me luck.


Amarinda Jones said...

I totally agree with you - chats have their place but you can overdose on them. Exposure is good but too much smacks of desperation to me. I have probably joined 3 chat groups. Yep, I agree Yahoo groups are good but like all things, in moderation

If you're antisocial then me too or everyone else that has to do a million things in their day. As for taking 'exception' to your blog entry - yeah, someone will always get their knickers in a knot over something but that's their problem and not yours. Remain who you are and say what you feel - that's why we read.

As for your genre, aim for a group with readers that are dedicated to that.

Okay...I am shutting up now...

Sedonia Guillone said...

I've been through this with the Yahoo groups too. They can be a useful tool to publicize a release when it comes out. Post an excerpt or two, etc. and then let the conversation roll on. Sustained chatting on these loops from a simply promotional angle isn't time-effective. The large chunk of members are authors and reviewers who don't buy books anyway. That leaves a certain number of readers who buy books and among them, many just delete the messages anyway. By the time you're finished, you've really gotten no return on the investment of time energy. Like I say, the best thing is just to post an excerpt on a few of the really really largely populated loops, chat a tiny bit when someone compliments your excerpt and let it go at that. Your energy is better spent writing, of course!

barbara huffert said...

I have one or two groups that I frequent because there are some great people who are a lot of fun. I belong to a bunch of others for promo purposes only where I participate in the occasional chats. You could spend all your time doing nothing but surfing the groups and then have no time left to write. Fun for some but not for me.

Yep, count me among the antisocial.

Anika Hamilton said...

I resisted the Join button. Woo Hoo.

Sedonia Guillone said...

Good for you! You'll have more time to write. If you're on a couple of the big loops like Joy's and ebooklove, you'll basically be covered. Most of the same readers belong to most of them.