Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Passions and Dancing . . .

I just finished up an M/M novella called Dancing with your Heart. Then I found this photo with almost the same name, how freaky is that, Dancing With His Heart. Anyway, I have submitted the story and hope it has a new home soon. I'll keep you all posted. I started this story some weeks ago while watching a reality dance TV show. There was just no way I could ignore writing it.

Anyhow, while finishing up this story I got all teary eyed, because I realized OMG I love writing. It is so hard finding what you love to do in life and even harder sometimes to do it. I am very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. I am also glad I finally found the courage to pursue it.

Life is short and sometimes our fears guide us instead of our passions. So the questions I pose to you today are: Are you pursuing your passion? Or is fear your guide?

Changing gears a little, check out fellow author Sedonia Guillone's
blog. I am being featured there, how very cool. Woo Hoo. It is nice having cyber-friends who root for you.


Amarinda Jones said...

Good luck on your submission. I reckon we'll be hearing about it's new 'home' soon.

As for being fortunate - you have talent and drive and that requires more than you being 'fortunate.'

Kelly Kirch said...

Yay on completing the manuscript and sending it in. Let us know what the verdict is.