Wednesday, April 16, 2008

People being rude . . .

Why do people who are supposedly in authority feel the need to talk down to people, to shout at them, to be verbally abusive?

I have worked in the Libraries Division for a little over four years now, and my coworkers constantly feel the need to be rude and condescending to me. They shout at me, call me names and I am quite frankly tired of it.

I don't get involved in the office gossip or politics. I am close to a total of three people in the whole damn division which has over 800 employees at any given time. I'm polite and don't ask anything of anyone but to do their damn jobs.

So why does everyone act like shouting at Anika is a part of their job description?

So what if I'm younger than you? I still have a brain. And even if I haven't worked there as long as you have, I can still use common sense and my reasoning ability to figure things out.

What most of these people don't understand is that their job can be taken over by any of a number of other people tomorrow and it would still get done and get done right. This work does not require genius. There is no great skill in these functions. But for them this job is their life, their very identity.

These people will never develop the cure for cancer, or compose a beautiful song, or write an engaging story.

This job, as a friend of mine loves to tell me, is only necessary to put corn flakes on the table. So get over yourselves.


Amarinda Jones said...

They sound like small tinpot people who think they are gods in their own little dung terribly sad for them and how limiting their lives are. Stuff 'em...consider my Grandma Elsie's curse on charge to you

Anika Hamilton said...

Ohh. Thank you. And serves them right, too.