Sunday, April 6, 2008

Amarinda has demanded that I answer the following questions -

1. If you were trapped on a deserted island and you had the choice of a man or unlimited chocolate which would you take?

Umm. Ma... nope. Choco... no wait. I'm thinking, I'm thinking. This is really tough for me. Jeez, give me a minute here. Okay, I got it.

The man (especially if he looks anything like Jason Momoa) . . . I'd probably get tired of the chocolate, anyway.

2. What is it about your books that make them stand out from all others?

I still believe in everything, I still think anything is possible. Therefore, my characters are more open to the possibility. They find love in any situation or in anyone . . . They're playful and moody, and not afraid to show their emotions or turn neanderthal if the situation warrants it.

They demand all from their loves and they are willing to give the same. They've been betrayed by love before, but they still find the strength to keep looking. They know life in general takes hard work and love is no different but they look forward to the challenge.

They're not supermodel wannabes and not ashamed of that. Oh and BTW, they use everyone and everything to get what they want.

3. Aliens knock on your door and want to borrow your car for sight seeing - what do you do?

Get my keys and drivers license and jump into the driver's seat. I would definitely want to go along with them for the ride. No way would I pass up that opportunity.

And hope when they're done sightseeing they'll take me with them (to their home I mean). What an adventure that would be . . . wow.

4. Who would play the hero/heroine in your book and why?

Heroine: Jada Pinkett Smith. This five foot nothing woman is small but strong. In the Matrix movie, she played Niobe and packed quite a punch. Intelligent and willing to fight for her man. It also doesn't hurt that she is quite cute.

Hero: Jason Momoa. He plays Ronan Dex in the sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis. This tough, miserable, shoot first ask questions later guy, is smoking hot. Excellent with weapons, hand to hand combat, and that mean stare that can fell any man. But when he cares about you, he will kill everyone that stands in his way to get to you.

5. What is your worst habit? And do you care enough to change it?

Overly dramatic which leads to exaggeration. I can take the simplest thing and balloon it into the worst crisis of the known universe. It's fun, I make people laugh when I do it. And although I do sometimes take it so far that people do not realize I'm only joking, I care enough not to want to change it.

6. If you were in charge of the world - what would you fix first?

My first fix would be to take (rescue) every child in a bad situation, whether through foster care or bad parents/guardian, and place them with loving families, regardless of race, religion, and nationality.

Homework completed . . .


Amarinda Jones said...

Never seen the Jason guy before but he is definitely niiiiice. Well done on the homework - A minus given because no one should get sick of chocolate

Anika Hamilton said...

No fair. The question was deliberately tough. You knew damn well there was no way to choose any one answer without suffering some measure of loss.

*pouting lips*


Amarinda Jones said...

Jeeze! What a sooky la-la! Any woman worth her salt knew it was a loaded question and the only answer to get the a+ was have much to learn grasshopper

Kelly Kirch said...

AJ is such a demanding so and so, isn't she? That Jason guy MIGHT be worth the stranding without chocolate. My guess is he would be a lot more satisfying on a day to day basis.