Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amarinda has challenged the bloggers over by Oh Get A Grip! to talk about the 5 things that piss them off. And even though this might be presumptuous, I have a few things to gripe about. So here goes:

Signing contracts and then complaining about the terms.

No, I'm not talking about authors signing contracts. Stop jumping to conclusions and read the rest of my rant.

Anyway, I bought my condo last year and although the sales lady was none too happy with me, I sat there and read every one of those trillion and one documents they wanted me to sign.

Now a few nights ago, we had the turnover meeting. The homeowners now have to start paying their own club dues (the builder as an incentive paid for every homeowners club dues for over a year and a half).

Anyway, yes, I'm pissed at the extra money I have to scrape together to pay the fee. But this is not news. This information was a part of our purchasing documents, and I'm sure they didn't pick, choose, and refuse who would sign and who wouldn't.

So the people at the HOA meeting were acting all crazy:

"I didn't know." Yeah right, check your contract.

"Its not fair." Hell, life isn't fair.

Car Indicators

I hate when people use their indicators to go around a bend or use a turning lane. Now if the road only bends to the right, why bother indicate. You can only go right.

I promise you, other drivers do not think you will actually turn against the bend or go straight ahead. We don't think you will ram your car through the concrete median or the guard rail to drive into a canal or on-coming traffic.

I'm driving down the same road. I can see that the road can only go one way. Please stop using that indicator for stupidity.

Nonsensical repetition (I wasn't sure what to call this one but it bugged me so much I couldn't leave it out.)

It pisses me off when people use the same one experience to apply to every single topic under the sun.

There is a professor who teaches Ethics, Organizational Behaviour, and Labor Relations. But in every single class, the man only talks about globalization. Okay, maybe globalization can be applied to each subject, but damn if I got the reference. And quite frankly, I'm tired of the word.

Now that's the second word I hate hearing (Writing being referred to as a hobby is another).

Not sure what I mean, the following is an example:

Person A: I had a car accident today.
Repeater: You know, I stubbed my toe once.

Person B: I fell asleep at work today.
Repeater: You know, I stubbed my toe once.

Person C: I got a promotion today.
Repeater: You know, I stubbed my toe once.

Person D: I saw the Pope today.
Repeater: You know, I stubbed my toe once.

Wearing skimpy clothes when its cold

Okay, I live in South Florida, and it doesn't get cold that often, but when it does we Floridians can't handle it.

But like every society, there are bunch of women who inevitable do something stupid, like wear the most inappropriate clothes when its cold.

Now ladies, you know its 35 degrees outside. Your man is fully clothed. Why the hell are you wearing that short shorts or short skirt? Don't you have any common sense?

You're huddling in on yourself from the cold. And he's all warm and cozy. Stupid.

Your teeth are chattering, quite unattractively I might add. And he is warm and cozy. Stupid.

You're hopping from foot to foot in a rain dance imitation. And he's warm and cozy. Stupid.

I haven't figured out the fifth gripe yet, but will be sure to post it when I do.

Have a good day!


Amarinda Jones said...

Not presumptuous at all. And I totally agree with the indicator thing...what's the point?

Amarinda Jones said...

Right you...where is the next blog?
Answer the following questions -

1. If you were trapped on a deserted island and you had the choice of a man or unlimited chocolate which would you take?

2. What is it about your books that make them stand out from all others?

3. Aliens knock on your door and want to borrow your car for sight seeing - what do you do?

4. Who would play the hero/heroine in your book and why?

5. What is your worst habit? And do you care enough to change it?

6.If you were in charge of the world - what would you fix first?

Right - there's your homework - snap to it