Monday, September 1, 2008

What More Proof Do You Need?

One of my publishers have directly on their website: "Due to lack of reader interest, we are NOT accepting F/F/M, one man with several women, or F/F." Sadly, I can't even say I'm surprised. I had already known this was an unpopular genre. But since it got me in the door, I can't really knock it.

Frankly, I'm glad they placed this note on their website. There can be no doubt about what they do and don't want. Also, I am noticing more and more publishers have a big no-no for F/F romance. What I didn't realize is that that genre is considered male fantasy in the writing world? Go figure.

So what does this mean for me? I have noticed the difference in the sales for my F/F romance and my M/F romance. But luckily for me, I write in other genres or I would be lost. Nevertheless, I am glad I got the contracts for both those stories because no matter what they were good enough to be accepted even though their isn't a real big market for them.

By the way, instead of writing the blurb and synopsis for the story I'm working on I'm doing this blog. I am such a procrastinator.

Happy Labor Day!!

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Amarinda Jones said...

Bugger...but not surprised but you are smart enough to move on

Kelly Kirch said...

At least you have a great attitude about heading in a new direction. Good for you. You will succeed.

Tonni said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I for one reads just about anything. I am interested in reading genres like F/F/M, man with several women, or F/F. The M/M stories can do so much for me. I like reading variety of different genres.

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