Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We Were Spared . . .

However, others were not so fortunate. Hurricane Ike didn't come to South Florida as originally forecasted. On Saturday, it started moving futher and further south. Now it is ravaging the Caribbean islands. Currently, the hurricane is situated over Cuba.

Many people have lost their lives and many homes and businesses have been destroyed. It is scary
, especially for Haiti who seems to be getting all the problemstorms this season. I think this is the fourth one they've gotten so far this year.

I also wanted to show what Hurricane Gustav did to Jamaica. This was two days after my family left
and returned to our various homes here in the States.

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barbara huffert said...

I've been to Haiti and those poor people don't have much to begin with. I can't imagine them with any less.

I'm glad the storms missed you.

Amarinda Jones said...

I think people forget smaller nations in times of crisis and they are the least capable of surviving.

Anika Hamilton said...

So true.

Kelly Kirch said...

I'm so glad your family is safe. Ike is now pounding Texas and there are idiots who have decided to stay behind.

Destiny Blaine said...

I'm glad you are safe, Anika.

Congrats on your continued success too. I think you rock!

Destiny :))